Toyota Revo

The Toyota Revo is an Asian Sport Utility Vehicle produced by Toyota since 1998. The development started in 1997 and sold in 1998. It shares the same chassis platform with the corresponding Hilux and Hiace. The Revo is the third in three generations of Toyota AUVs in the Philippines, which includes the legendary Tamaraw and Tamaraw FX, but it retained its body styling with refreshenings and trim additions. In 2001, the Revo and its rivals overtook the passenger car category with vehicles like Toyota's own Corolla and the Honda Civic. It was called the Revo because, according to an ad, "it ushered a REVOlution . " The Revo offered 10 seating capacity and a choice of engines including a 1.8 L gasoline engine and a 2.4 L diesel engine - ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Toyota

Class & Body style

  • Minivan

Production period

  • 1998-2005
  • 1998-2000
  • 2000-2003
  • 2003-2005


Hydrogen Enhanced Toyota Revo EFi PHILIPPINES
Hydrogen Enhanced Toyota Revo EFi PHILIPPINES
Toyota Revo 7k computer box 4AGE
Toyota Revo 7k computer box 4AGE
Toyota REVO Diesel with Super 7 Hydrogen Kit
Toyota REVO Diesel with Super 7 Hydrogen Kit
Toyota Revo 4
Toyota Revo 4
Toyota Revo
Toyota Revo
Hydrogen Charade vs Toyota Revo
Hydrogen Charade vs Toyota Revo

Engine data

  • 1.8 liter gasoline 2.0 liter gasoline 2.4 liter diesel
  • 1.8 liter,2.0 liter gasoline engine and 2.4 liter diesel engine

Tests and reviews from the web

Toyota Revo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The Revo is the third in three generations of Toyota AUVs in the Philippines, which ... [2] - Review of the 2001 Revo [3]- Car club dedicated to Revo owners ... read more
2003 Toyota Revo VX200 - Philippines Car Test Drive Reviews:  Akin to a well-aged wine, the Toyota Revo went another facelift so as to portray aggressiveness, the same virtue that transformed the erstwhile dormant ... read more
Toyota Revo - Wikicars:  The Toyota Revo (full name: "Toyota Tamaraw FX Revo") is an Asian ... For 2000, Toyota revised the Revo, with badge changes and trim line revamp. ... read more

Image Gallery

File:3rd toyota revo.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File:03 toyota revo sr.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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