Simca 1307

The Simca 1307 was the name under which Chrysler Europe launched its new large family car in July 1975. A modern, front-wheel drive hatchback, it was one of the first such cars in that class, along with the Volkswagen Passat, and became the 1976 European Car of the Year. The model was sold under a variety of names, including Simca 1308 and 1309 models (with larger engines), Chrysler Alpine, Chrysler 150 (Spanish market), Talbot 1510 / Talbot Alpine / Talbot 150 (a facelifted version launched by PSA after its takeover of Chrysler Europe) and Talbot Solara. More upmarket models were designated 1308 (1508 in some markets) and 1309. Styled by Roy Axe, the Simca 1307, along with the recently introduced Volkswagen Passat, was one of several ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Chrysler Europe

Class & Body style

  • Hatchback
  • Large family car

Production period

  • 1975–80
  • 1980–85
  • 1980–86


  • Roy Axe


Chrysler Alpine, (Simca 1307, 1308) Pre-Launch Presentation
Chrysler Alpine, (Simca 1307, 1308) Pre-Launch Presentation
Simca 1307
Simca 1307
Service Hi-Lites of the Chrysler Alpine (Simca 1307 & 1308) slides 39-63 & 65-69
Service Hi-Lites of the Chrysler Alpine (Simca 1307 & 1308) slides 39-63 & 65-69

Engine data

  • 1057 1294, 1442 1592 cc
  • 1.3 L

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