Renault Rodeo

The Renault Rodeo is a series of small open-top automobiles produced between 1970 and 1987 by ACL, later called Teilhol, for Renault. In total there were three generations of the Rodeo. At first the car was called ACL Rodeo and the name was changed to Renault Rodeo in July 1976. Car was front wheel drive but could be ordered also with four wheel drive technic supplied by Sinpar. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Renault

Production period

  • 1970-1987 60,000 produced


Renault 5 Rodeo
Renault 5 Rodeo
Renault Fuego GTX II
Renault Fuego GTX II
Jane Birkin driving in Paris
Jane Birkin driving in Paris
manche 4l super rodeo
manche 4l super rodeo
Isuzu Wizard & Simex Extreme Tracker 32
Isuzu Wizard & Simex Extreme Tracker 32
Formula One test for rookies at jerez december 2009
Formula One test for rookies at jerez december 2009

Engine data

  • Petrol (4 cyl.) : 845 cc (34 PS), 1108 cc (47 PS) and 1289 cc (45 PS)

Tests and reviews from the web

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File:Renault Rodeo 1.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
renault rodeo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Renault Rodeo | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
renault MOKE?????
Renault Rodeo
renault MOKE?????
File:MHV Renault R4 Rodeo 01.jpg - Tractor & Construction Plant ...
Renault Rodeo ()

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