Renault Frégate

The Renault Frégate is a full-size or executive car produced by the French automaker Renault between 1951 and 1960. The Frégate was conceived in the years immediately following World War II. Renault, which then had recently been brought under control of the French state, needed a new modern, upmarket model to both improve its image and to cater to the needs of consumers in the quickly recovering economy. Several prototypes were produced before the Frégate design was put into production: initially, the car had a rear-engined layout as in the recently launched Renault 4CV but eventually the manufacturer decided to go with an engine mounted ahead of the driver. The Frégate was unveiled at the 1950 Paris Motor Show but the first model was ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Renault

Class & Body style

  • Executive car
  • Full-size car

Production period

  • 1951-1960


frégate transfluide
frégate transfluide
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1950's Classic Cars Ford Zephyr Six Austin-Healey 100 Porsche 356 MG Magnette Trading Cards

Engine data

  • 1996 cc

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • France

Predecessor models

Tests and reviews from the web

Renault - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The first Renault car, the Renault Voiturette 1CV was sold to a ... Renault debuted its flagship model, the largely conventional 2-litre 4-cylinder ... read more
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Image Gallery

Renault Fregate wallpaper # 01 of 02, Front Angle, MY 1951, 800x600
Renault Fregate wallpaper # 01 of 02, Front Angle, MY 1951, 1600x1200
Renault Fregate wallpaper # 01 of 01, Front Angle, MY 1959, 1280x960
Renault Fregate Transfluide (1958) Picture
File:1959 Renault Frégate Transfluide.jpg - Wikipedia, the free ...
File:1959 Renault Frégate Transfluide rear view.jpg - Wikipedia ... 1955 Renault Frégate Amiral in "Week End, 1967"
Renault Fregate Transfluide (1958) Wallpaper

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