Renault 21

The Renault 21 is a large family car produced by French automaker Renault between 1986 and 1994. It was also sold in North America through American Motors (AMC) dealers as the Renault Medallion and the Eagle Medallion. The Renault 21 sedan was launched in early 1986 as the successor to the extremely successful Renault 18, and this was followed a few months later by the seven-seater station wagon 21 Nevada (known as the Savanna in the United Kingdom), a rival for the Peugeot 505 Family Estate. Unusually, the Renault 21 was offered with disparate engine configurations. The 1.7 litre version featured an 'east-west' (transversely) mounted engine, but Renault had no gearbox suitable for a more powerful transverse engine: accordingly, ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Renault

Class & Body style

  • Liftback
  • Station wagon
  • Large family car

Production period

  • 1986-1994


  • Giorgetto Giugiaro


"The Prisoner" Renault 21 advert
"The Prisoner" Renault 21 advert
Renault 21 - 1980's UK Advert
Renault 21 - 1980's UK Advert
renault 21 turbo vs bmv m3
renault 21 turbo vs bmv m3
Renault 21 Club
Renault 21 Club
renault 21 turbo wheelpower part 1
renault 21 turbo wheelpower part 1
renault 21 turbo Quadra 5.4 sec 0-60MPH
renault 21 turbo Quadra 5.4 sec 0-60MPH

Engine data

  • 1.4, 1.7, 2.0, 2.2 8v 2.0 12V 2.0 turbo 1.9 D, 2.1 D 2.1 turbo D 2.2 i

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Colombia
  • Turkey
  • France
Production plants:
  • Medellín
  • Marseille

Predecessor models

Successor models

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Image Gallery

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