Reliant Kitten

The Reliant Kitten is a small economy car which was manufactured from 1975 to 1982 by the Reliant Motor Company in Tamworth, England. It has a glass fibre body and an 848 cc aluminum engine, providing economical performance. Chassis, engine, and running gear are shared (with minor modifications), with the Reliant Fox Utility / Pick-Up. In October 1976, a year after introduction, a new deluxe version of the Kitten, branded as the Kitten DL, was announced. Improvements included revised springs and dampers and a changed anti-roll bar. Under the bonnet / hood were carburettor and air cleaner modifications, claimed to give better cold start characteristics, while interior improvements included more comfortable seats, modified door trims ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Reliant

Production period

  • 1975-1982 4074 made


Reliant Kitten Bike Engine
Reliant Kitten Bike Engine
V8 Reliant Kitten
V8 Reliant Kitten
Reliant Kitten
Reliant Kitten
reliant kitten TL1000
reliant kitten TL1000
reliant kitten dfh 2
reliant kitten dfh 2
reliant kitten burnouts
reliant kitten burnouts

Engine data

  • 848 cc

Predecessor models

Tests and reviews from the web

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1980 Reliant Kitten DL Review (r37240) -  An absolute world beater!!! - Review location: UK and Ireland, Review id: r37240, Review written: 17th February, 2003 read more
Reliant Kitten - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The Reliant Kitten is a small economy car which was manufactured from 1975 to ... f g h "Reliant Kitten". Daily Express Motor Show Review 1976: page 42. ... read more

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