Opel Kapitän

The Opel Kapitän was a car made in several different generations by the German car manufacturer Opel from 1938 to 1970. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Opel

Class & Body style

  • Luxury car

Production period

  • 1948–1950
  • 1938–1940
  • 1964–1968
  • 1951–1953
  • 1958–1959
  • 1969–1970
  • 1954–1957
  • 1959–1963
  • 1939–1970


Opel Kapitän
Opel Kapitän
Lowflying Flatiron Opel Kapitän Hydramatic 62+Chevrolet V8 262
Lowflying Flatiron Opel Kapitän Hydramatic 62+Chevrolet V8 262
Oldtimer Opel Kapitän
Oldtimer Opel Kapitän
Opel Kapitän Oldtimer SelMcKenzie Selzer-McKenzie
Opel Kapitän Oldtimer SelMcKenzie Selzer-McKenzie
first start Opel Kapitän from 1958
first start Opel Kapitän from 1958
Opel Kapitän 62 Eldkastare flamethrowers
Opel Kapitän 62 Eldkastare flamethrowers

Engine data

  • 2.6 l-I6, 90 PS (89 hp)
  • 2.5 l-I6, 58 PS/57 hp
  • 2.8 l-I6, 132-145 PS (130-143 hp)
  • 2.5 l-I6, 68-75 PS (67-74 hp)
  • 2.6 litre 6-cylinder, 100 PS (99 hp) 2.8 l-I6, 125-140 PS (123-138 hp) 4.6 l-V8, 190 PS (187 hp)
  • 2.5 l-
  • 2.5 l-I6, 80 PS (79 hp)

Predecessor models

Successor models

Tests and reviews from the web

1959 Opel Rekord - Reviews - CarGurus:  1959 Opel Rekord Reviews: Read 1 candid owner reviews for the 1959 Opel Rekord. Get the real truth from owners like you. CarGurus - This is a Kapitän P, not a ... read more
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Opel Media - Europe - News:  Global fuel cell market test fleet reaches two million test miles ... the fall of 1959, the new Opel Kapitän (known internally as the Kapitän P2 2.6-liter) rolled off the ... read more

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Image Gallery

File:Opel Kapitän P2,5 e.JPG - Wikimedia Commons
Opel Kapitan
Opel Kapitan - Car Photo Gallery
File:Opel Kapitän B BW 1.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
kapitan p1
OPEL Kapitän [© WS237613_HDR] | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
opel kapitän,

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