Mazda Rotary Pickup

Manufactured by Mazda

Class & Body style

  • Compact car
  • Pickup truck

Production period

  • 1974-1977


Mazda Rotary Pickup 12A (RXB-2000)
Mazda Rotary Pickup 12A (RXB-2000)
74 rotary pick up
74 rotary pick up
3 Rotor in mazda rotary pickup retro car
3 Rotor in mazda rotary pickup retro car
Mazda Rotary Pick Up burnout
Mazda Rotary Pick Up burnout
Mazda Rotary pick up
Mazda Rotary pick up
1975 Rotary Pickup - first run
1975 Rotary Pickup - first run

Engine data

  • 1.3 L

Image Gallery

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