Mazda Navajo

The Mazda Navajo was a 2-door SUV introduced in 1991, and Mazda's very first off-roader. Also, the Navajo was Mazda's only truck-based SUV. Available only as a four-wheel drive, two-door vehicle, the Navajo was essentially a rebadged Ford Explorer Sport. It was marketed in the United States only as Mazda Canada did not want to market an SUV. All Navajos were built in Louisville, Kentucky, where the Explorer was built. To set the two apart, the Navajo had a different grille, taillights and wheels. Inside, it was even harder to tell one from the other, as seat fabrics, typeface on the instrument cluster (but the same design) and the steering wheel hub were the only apparent differences. Two trim levels for the Navajo were offered, base ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Ford Motor Company

Class & Body style

  • Sport utility vehicle
  • Compact SUV

Production period

  • 1991–1994


91 Mazda Navajo
91 Mazda Navajo
Mazda Navajo burnout W/ 33's
Mazda Navajo burnout W/ 33's
Custom Mazda Navajo Exhaust
Custom Mazda Navajo Exhaust
Mazda Navajo on 70
Mazda Navajo on 70
Parting out 1993 Mazda Navajo 080661
Parting out 1993 Mazda Navajo 080661
Preowned 1991 MAZDA NAVAJO Richardson TX
Preowned 1991 MAZDA NAVAJO Richardson TX

Engine data

  • 4.0L

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mazda navajo
Mazda Navajo
1991 Mazda Navajo
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