MG Magnette

The automobile manufacturer MG used the Magnette name on the K-type and N-type cars in the 1930s, but the Magnette models of the 1950s and 1960s are probably best-remembered. Although loved today, the use of the Magnette name on an MG saloon car with a lowered Wolseley body and an Austin engine brought protest from motor magazine letter writers. There were two distinct series of these Magnettes: The ZA and ZB of 1953 through to 1958 and the Mark III and Mark IV of 1959 through to 1968. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by MG Cars

Production period

  • 1953-1968 67,596
  • 1961-1969 14,320
  • 1956-1958 18,524
  • 1959-1961 16,676
  • 1953-1956 18,076


1954 MG Magnette ZA
1954 MG Magnette ZA
MG Magnette Exterior
MG Magnette Exterior
MG Magnette early 1954 ZA Tintop.wmv
MG Magnette early 1954 ZA Tintop.wmv
MG Magnette pt1
MG Magnette pt1
MG Magnette restoration -lower suspension arm sandblasting
MG Magnette restoration -lower suspension arm sandblasting

Engine data

  • 1.5 L BMC
  • 1.6 L
  • 1.5 L

Predecessor models

Tests and reviews from the web

MG Magnette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The automobile manufacturer MG used the Magnette name on the K-type and N-type ... The test car cost £914 including taxes.[3] [edit] Magnette ZB. MG ... read more
MG Magnette - Wikicars:  The Magnette has been praised for its four-seat capacity, traditional MG character, and capable road handling. See Wikicars' comprehensive MG Magnette Review. ... read more
MG Magnette:  1956 MG ZA Magnette. This car has been sold, but for all of you Magnette enthusiasts, ... It didn't pass our local exhaust emissions test this year, because it was running a ... read more

Image Gallery

HowStuffWorks "1953-1958 MG Magnette"
1958 MG Magnette ZB Images. Photo: 58ish_mg-
MG Magnette - Wikicars
1955 MG Magnette ZA Brochure / MG Magnette front cover.
File:MG Magnette MkIII 1960.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MG photographs and MG technical data - allcarcentral.
Hotrod Hotline ~ Car Show
File:'55 MG Magnette (Hudson).JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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