Kia Carnival

The Kia Carnival is a minivan produced by Kia Motors. It is known in the United KingdomUK and North America as the Kia Sedona. It had a base price starting at around USDUS$20,000, which was lower than most competing minivans. The later, smaller Kia Rondo has continued this tradition. It is available in the United States with a 3.5 L DOHC V6 engine producing Template:Convert195hpabbr=on horsepower#hp (SAE)SAE (145 kW), and many other countries with a 2.9 L DOHC turboDiesel enginediesel, with 144 horsepower#PSPS. A 2.5 L V6 is available in some markets. A 5-speed manual transmission is standard for the smaller engines, with a 4-speed automatic transmission available as an option. A 5-speed automatic is the only transmission in the ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Kia Motors

Class & Body style

  • Minivan

Production period

  • 1999–2005
  • 2006–present
  • 1999–present


kia carnival 2010 review
kia carnival 2010 review
Kia Carnival - xTremeNight
Kia Carnival - xTremeNight
Euro NCAP | Kia Carnival/Sedona | 2003 | Crash test
Euro NCAP | Kia Carnival/Sedona | 2003 | Crash test
Kia Carnival - xTremeNight 2
Kia Carnival - xTremeNight 2

Engine data

  • 2.7 L V6
  • 3.5 L

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • South Korea

Tests and reviews from the web

2008 Kia Grand Carnival Review | Car Advice | Reviews:  Alborz tested the car last year, but this time, Kia supplied the Grand Carnival and had kindly optioned the test car with the Premium Pack. ... read more
2000 Kia Carnival Review (r101044) -  Dangerous engine eating LEMON. These cars should be banned on Australian Roads - Review location: Australia and New Zealand, Review id: r101044 read more
2007 Kia Grand Carnival Road Test | Car Advice | Reviews:  2007 Kia Grand Carnival Road Test. Affordable, well built and with enough space to carry ... poor feedback for Kia review and will certainly discourage this maker ... read more

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Image Gallery

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Exotic Sport Cars: a Family Cars of KIA Carnival
Kia at Geneva motor show: Carnival MPV, hatchback concept and ...
Kia Carnival Minivan Wallpapers | 1024x768
2002 Kia Carnival Timing Belt Diagram
112 06Geneva 01X Kia Carnival Front Passenger Side Photos - Motor ...
Kia Carnival

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