Honda Z

Honda Z is the name of a two door hatchback microcar automobile made by the Honda Motor Company: The vehicle was called the "Z" followed by the size of the engine, and was included in the name and identity of the vehicle. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Honda

Class & Body style

  • Mini SUV
  • Microcar
  • Coupé
  • Kei car

Production periode

  • 1998–2002
  • 1970–1974

Honda Z Videos

honda z ad
honda z ad
Honda CR-Z : DigInfo
Honda CR-Z : DigInfo
Little Honda Z
Little Honda Z
Honda z 50 turbo
Honda z 50 turbo
2011 Honda CR-Z Development Video
2011 Honda CR-Z Development Video

Engine data

  • 660 cc
  • 354 cc

Successor models

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Honda Z Image Gallery

Honda CR Z
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1995 Honda Other Honda
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