Ford Puma

Manufactured by Ford Motor Company

Class & Body style

  • Hatchback
  • Coupé

Production period

  • 1997–2001


Top Gear (Old) - Car of the Year 1997 Ford Puma
Top Gear (Old) - Car of the Year 1997 Ford Puma
Why I like Ford Puma's
Why I like Ford Puma's
Puma drifting classes
Puma drifting classes
Ford Puma 'Bullit'
Ford Puma 'Bullit'
steve mcQueen Ford Puma advert
steve mcQueen Ford Puma advert
Ford Puma Tuning
Ford Puma Tuning

Engine data

  • Ford Sigma engine

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Germany

Image Gallery

Ford Puma
Клуб любителей Ford Puma
Ford puma. Best photos and information of model.
DesignerCars - Ford Puma - Gabbagirls Ford Puma Pictures
Ford Puma wallpaper # 05 of 16, Front Angle, MY 1999, 1600x1200
FORD Puma 1.4i (1998 - 2002) Technical Specifications & Features

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