Ford 4F27E transmission

The 4F27E is a 4-speed automatic transaxle for transverse engine use. It was jointly developed by Ford Motor Company and Mazda, which calls the unit the FN4A-EL. The 4F27E is a 4-speed automatic with an added overdrive and is completely electronic, with all shifts controlled by solenoids. It has a four-element torque converter that includes a torque converter clutch and geartrain with two planetary gearsets, a transfer-shaft gear final drive, and a differential. The transaxle uses electronic shift control and is designed for operation in transverse powertrains for front-wheel drive vehicles. The hydraulic control system of the 4F27E transaxle has six electronically controlled solenoids for shift feel (through line pressure control), ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Ford Motor Company

Class & Body style

  • Automatic transmission
  • Transaxle
  • Transverse engine

Production periode

  • 2000-present

Predecessor models

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