Dodge EV

The Dodge EV development vehicle, also called Dodge Circuit EV sports car, is a two-passenger, rear-wheel-drive, all-electric sports car introduced at the 2009 North American International Auto Show . The car is based on the current Lotus Europa S, and combines a lithium-ion battery pack with a 200-kilowatt electric motor, capable of generating 268 bhp (200 kW) and 480 ft·lbf (650 N·m) of torque. Chrysler claims that the Dodge EV has a driving range of 150 to 200 miles (240–320 km), approaching the range and performance of the all-electric Tesla Roadster. According to Chrysler, the Dodge EV can be recharged in eight hours using a standard 110-volt outlet, or in only four hours using a 220-volt outlet, the type commonly used for ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Dodge

Class & Body style

  • Sports car

Production period

  • 2011


Dodge EV Electric Vehicle
Dodge EV Electric Vehicle
Dodge EV beats Dodge Challenger in 1/4 mile race
Dodge EV beats Dodge Challenger in 1/4 mile race
Dodge EV Sports Car. Chryslers Tesla Rival
Dodge EV Sports Car. Chryslers Tesla Rival
Chrysler Surges Forward with Electric Vehicles: Dodge EV
Chrysler Surges Forward with Electric Vehicles: Dodge EV
The Dodge EV All-Electric Sports Car
The Dodge EV All-Electric Sports Car

Engine data

  • 200-kilowatt
  • Electric motor

Tests and reviews from the web

Dodge EV - Quick Drive - Motor Trend:  It takes a contortionist to slip inside the little, yellow Dodge EV. But what would expect? It is, after all, little more than a modified version ... read more
Dodge Circuit EV test drive gets chronicled on video -- Engadget:  We've already gotten a good look at the Dodge Circuit EV courtesy of the good folks at AutoblogGreen, but they've now come through yet again read more
Dodge Circuit EV 2010 Review:  The Dodge Circuit EV displays bold exterior and interior styling with ... The Dodge Circuit EV design screams pure sports car from every angle. ... read more

Image Gallery

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Chrysler Unveils Dodge EV, A Tesla-Like All-Electric Sports Car

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