Daewoo Royale

The Daewoo Royale is a mid-size car that was produced by Daewoo Motors in South Korea from 1983 to 1991, being replaced by the Daewoo Prince. The Royale's predecessor was launched in 1972 by General Motors Korea (GMK) as the Rekord, becoming the Saehan Rekord in 1976 until production ended in 1978. This car was a version of the German Opel Rekord D. The second generation Saehan Rekord was a development of the Opel Rekord E. Production began in 1978, along with the Saehan Royale. The Royale was the Rekord E bodyshell with the front grafted on from the Opel Senator A. The Saehan Royale became the Daewoo Royale in 1983, with Saehan Rekord being discontinued and incorporated into the Royale lineup as the Royale XQ. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by GM Daewoo

Production period

  • 1972–1978
  • 1978–1991
  • 1975–1991


Daewoo Royale Salon Commercial (30s)
Daewoo Royale Salon Commercial (30s)
Daewoo Royale diesel 1979 commercial
Daewoo Royale diesel 1979 commercial
Daewoo Royale Prince 1500 Commercial (30s)
Daewoo Royale Prince 1500 Commercial (30s)
Daewoo Royale Prince 1500 commercial
Daewoo Royale Prince 1500 commercial
Daewoo Royale Prince commercial
Daewoo Royale Prince commercial
Daewoo Royale XQ 1984 Commercial
Daewoo Royale XQ 1984 Commercial

Successor models

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Daewoo - Wikicars:  A larger Opel Commodore-based model, called the Daewoo Royale was also available. ... Canadian Driver test drive of 2004 Chevrolet-badged Daewoos, with some history ... read more
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Rekord body history
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