Chevrolet Celta

The Chevrolet Celta (Suzuki Fun in Argentina) is a low cost supermini produced by General Motors do Brasil for the Latin American market since 2000. 600,000 Celtas have been built in Gravataí, more than one hundred thousand per year. It is the second cheapest car sold in Brazil, losing only to the Fiat Mille (actually a rebranded Fiat Uno). A sedan version is sold as Chevrolet Prisma. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Chevrolet

Class & Body style

  • Hatchback

Production period

  • 2000—present


Chevrolet Celta 2011 Spirit Life
Chevrolet Celta 2011 Spirit Life
Subaru WRX 2003 vs Chevrolet Celta
Subaru WRX 2003 vs Chevrolet Celta
Novo Chevrolet Celta 2012
Novo Chevrolet Celta 2012
Chevrolet Celta 1.0T vs Chevrolet Omega Australiano
Chevrolet Celta 1.0T vs Chevrolet Omega Australiano
VRUM - Teste do Chevrolet Celta 2012 - 01-05-2011
VRUM - Teste do Chevrolet Celta 2012 - 01-05-2011
Acelerando o chevrolet Celta
Acelerando o chevrolet Celta

Tests and reviews from the web

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Chevrolet Celta wallpaper # 05 of 06, Interior, MY 2006, 1280x960
Chevrolet Celta wallpaper # 07 of 46, Front Angle, MY 2003, 1600x1200
Chevrolet Celta wallpaper # 03 of 06, Rear Angle, MY 2006, 1280x960
Chevrolet Celta wallpaper # 06 of 46, Front Angle, MY 2003, 1600x1200
Chevrolet Celta - Overview - CarGurus
Chevrolet-Celta_2003_thumbnail ...
Jordan's Blog: 2003 Chevrolet Celta
Chevrolet-Celta_2003_thumbnail ...

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