The BMW M52 is a Straight 6 piston engine. Displacement ranges from 2000 cc to 3200 cc. It is a DOHC 24-valve engine, originally introduced with VANOS Variable Valve Timing. It replaced the BMW M50 engine in 1994 and was replaced in 2001 with the BMW M54 engine. The world market engine used Nikasil lined aluminium cylinders instead of a cast iron sleeves used in the American market engine. The reason for this is Nikasil is eroded by the higher sulfur content fuel used in America. In markets with low-sulfur fuel this engine was very highly regarded and the M52 was on the Ward's 10 Best Engines list for 1995 through to 1998. However, there was criticism of the M52 engine in some markets, especially the UK, which had high levels of ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by BMW

Production period

  • 1994–2001


ECS Tuning: DIY - BMW M52/M54 Aluminum Water Pump Pulley
ECS Tuning: DIY - BMW M52/M54 Aluminum Water Pump Pulley
BMW e30 24v m52 swap dirt fun!
BMW e30 24v m52 swap dirt fun!
Test Drift, BMW E30 328, M52, Astana. Часть 1
Test Drift, BMW E30 328, M52, Astana. Часть 1
BMW e30 Turbo M52 TRM
BMW e30 Turbo M52 TRM
BMW M52 weird noise.
BMW M52 weird noise.

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BMW e38 728i/728iL M52B28 petrol engine " BMW used cars " bmw ...:  vanos m52b28, BMW M54 Wallpaper, bmw e46 m52, model: 728i728iL2.8L engine: M52B28 Petrol I6 year: 1996-2001 The BMW M52 is a Straight 6 piston engine. ... read more
BMW World - Nikasil:  The BMW M60 V-8 and BMW M52 6-cylinder engines (the M52 Nikasil ... The leakdown test detects a lack of effective sealing (loss of compression) in ... read more
M52 videos:  Test Drift, BMW E30 328, M52, Astana. M52 Dan Bloomhower, Shot Put, ... Tags: BMW E36 E30 24v S50 M50 M52 S52. Showing how to properly test vanos travel ... read more

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BMW World - BMW M52 Engine
BMW M52 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carbon fiber engine cover, BMW M52/S52; E36 323/328/M3, E38 728 ...
BMW M50/M52 Engine | Eurotuner Magazine Article at Automotive.
M50 vs M52 Comparison
2 Door Touring" M52 Turbo e30 Hatch Project - DTMPower BMW Forum

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