Audi RS4

The Audi RS4 quattro is the top tier and highest performing version of the Audi A4 range of cars. It is a sports-focused compact executive car, produced by quattro GmbH, in limited numbers, for German car manufacturer - Audi AG, part of the larger Volkswagen Group. It slots distinctly above the Audi S4 as the fastest, most sports-focused model based on the A4's "B" chassis. The original (B5) version was only produced as a five-door five-seat "Avant", Audi's name for a estate car/station wagon. The second (B7) version was released initially as a four-door five-seat saloon/sedan, with the Avant following a short while later. A two-door four-seat Cabriolet version was subsequently added. Furthermore, their internal combustion engines are ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Quattro GmbH

Class & Body style

  • Halo vehicle
  • Vehicle door
  • Sports car
  • Compact executive car
  • Sedan (automobile)

Production period

  • 2000 - 2001
  • 2006 - 2008
  • B5: 2000-2001,
    B7: 2006-2008


BMW M3 vs Mercedes C63 AMG vs Audi RS4 in Spain - Top Gear - BBC
BMW M3 vs Mercedes C63 AMG vs Audi RS4 in Spain - Top Gear - BBC
MTM Supercharged B7 Audi RS4 Clubsport!
MTM Supercharged B7 Audi RS4 Clubsport!
Audi RS4
Audi RS4
2010 Audi S4 vs. 2007 Audi RS4
2010 Audi S4 vs. 2007 Audi RS4
BMW M5 vs. Audi RS4
BMW M5 vs. Audi RS4
2007 Audi RS4
2007 Audi RS4

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Germany
Production plants:
  • Neckarsulm

Tests and reviews from the web

2007 Audi RS4 - Test drive and new car review - 2007 Audi RS4:  Based on the A4, the 2007 Audi RS4 has a 420 horsepower V8 engine, specially tuned suspension and all-wheel-drive system, and the soul of a race car, ... read more
AudiWorld - Features Section:  Much to my delight, Audi elected to bring more than half a dozen new B7 RS 4's ... have to wait until one of the event participants returned from his test drive. ... read more
2008 Audi RS 4 Review - The Car Connection:  A review of the 2008 Audi RS 4 with our experts' likes and dislikes, analysis, and more. ... The Audi V-8 is a thrilling choice, but it no longer makes the RS4 sedan the fastest ... read more

Image Gallery

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