Audi A4

The Audi A4 is a compact executive car produced by the German car manufacturer Audi AG since late 1994. The initial generation A4 succeeded the four previous generations of the Audi 80. And just like its Audi 80 predecessor, the Audi A4 automobile layout consists of a longitudinally orientated engine at the front, with transaxle-type transmissions mounted immediately to the rear of the engine, again, orientated longitudinally. Drive output is transmitted to either the front wheels, or, utilising Audi's 'trademark' quattro permanent four-wheel drive system via a Torsen centre differential. Since its inception, the Audi A4 has been available in four generations, based on the Volkswagen Group 'B' series of automobile platforms - usually ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Audi

Class & Body style

  • Compact executive car

Production period

  • 1994 – present
  • 1994–2001

Videos - 2011 Audi A4 Road Test & Review - 2011 Audi A4 Road Test & Review
2009 Audi A4/ Quick Drive
2009 Audi A4/ Quick Drive
Audi A4 2010
Audi A4 2010
Audi A4 review - CarBuyer
Audi A4 review - CarBuyer
Audi A4 Review - Everyday Driver
Audi A4 Review - Everyday Driver
Audi A4 on the Production Line
Audi A4 on the Production Line

Engine data

  • petrol engines:
    1.6 L I4
    1.8 L I4 20V
    1.8 L I4 20V Turbo
    2.4 L V6 30V
    2.6 L V6
    2.8 L V6
    2.8 L V6 30V;
    diesel engines:
    1.9 L I4 TDI
    2.5 L V6 24V TDI

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Germany
Production plants:
  • Ingolstadt

Predecessor models

Tests and reviews from the web

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Audi A4 Photos, Prices, Reviews, Specs - The Car Connection
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