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Brand details: MG Rover Group

MG Rover was the last domestically owned mass-production car manufacturer in the British motor industry. The company was formed when BMW sold the car-making and engine manufacturing assets of the original Rover Group to the Phoenix Consortium in 2000. MG Rover went into administration in 2005 and its key assets were purchased by Nanjing Automobile Group, with Nanjing restarting MG sports car and sports saloon production in 2007. The Rover marque, the ownership of which had been retained by BMW, was sold to Ford, who had bought the Land Rover company from BMW in 2000. The rights to the dormant Rover brand were sold by Ford, along with Jaguar Land Rover, to Tata Motors in 2008. ... from Wikipedia

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MG-Rover.org:  MG and Rover enthusiasts Website ... Test Review. 18th March 2011, Steve Childs. MG6 Boot. After a loooong wait, finally volume production has started again at MG's ... read more
Rover Group - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The Rover Group plc was the name given in 1986 to the British state-owned ... up in 2000 with the Rover and MG marques being acquired by the MG Rover Group. ... read more
Nanjing Automobile Buys MG Rover - China Economic Review:  Administrators for MG Rover Group Ltd, England's last major automaker, said the bankrupt automaker and its engine-producing subsidiary, Powertrain, have been bought ... read more
Rover 75 Pictures from Car Picture Gallery:  ROVER 75 PICTURES - Pics Photos Wallpapers Images ... initially by the Rover Group at Cowley, Oxfordshire, UK, and later by MG Rover at their Longbridge site in ... read more
U.K. May Lend MG Rover More Cash If Chinese Agreement Likely ...:  The U.K. government will consider lending more money to MG Rover Group Ltd. to pay wages while there is a ``realistic prospect'' of China's Shanghai ... read more
Rover 400 Pictures from Car Picture Gallery:  MG Rover Group. MG Rover was the last domestically owned mass-production car manufacturer ... MG Rover was formed from the parts of the former Rover Group volume car ... read more

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